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Crime in South Africa


How does one explain the crime situation in Cape Town or South Africa? I always believe the best option is to ask those that live here or have travelled in South Africa. The people who have never been to the country are usually those people with the strongest opinions and their information is based on news reports and articles they have read. Are these reports accurate or are they only telling one side of the story?
We have many overseas visitors travelling to South Africa, as well as thousands that live in Cape Town who would not be here if they believed that they were putting their lives at risk. 

If you ask me, it is like driving a car. If you are a driver you need to follow rules or you will put yourself in danger but it does not mean something will happen every time you drive too fast or you go through a red traffic light. You could also be the most law-abiding driver on the road but if some else breaks the law you're also in danger. Well it is the same in terms of crime. If you stick to some basic rules in Cape Town, you reduce the risk of being exposed to crime. You will find some rules under 'Get Street Wise '. It's easy, I do it every day. 

So when you're ready to tell your friends and family that you are coming to South Africa to do an internship or travel pay more attention to the comments from those that have been here.

Written by
RA Bernatzeder