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If you are interested in current affairs in South Africa, is a good source of information.

Word on the Street

Now that Christmas is over we look to 2009 to see what awaits us?
It is going to be an interesting year with elections due to be happening between April and June, the crisis in Zimbabwe not resolved and 2010 Soccer World Cup around the corner.


With the division in the ANC and the forming of the new party 'COPE' there are a lot of views around what will happen during the elections.
Many views are that the division is a positive one as it might prevent the ANC from getting 2/3 majority for the second time around.
For insight into the 2009 Elections go to:,_2009

Past results in 2004


It is not a real talking point amongst friends any more as progress is very slow in finding a resolution. 

Soccer 2010

The most frequently ask question is; are we going to be ready for the SWC 2010?
The stadiums are being completed, road works are under way and the excitement is starting to build.
South Africans like to say ' do not compare us to Germany, it will be done the South African way '